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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Journalists Advised To Report Women Adequately


 In order to   capture the opinion  of the women folk well during the  Bayelsa State Governoship Election coming up in few month's time, Dr Titi Osuagwu  has urged  journalists to  do well in reporting  the female candidates and women in their reportage 

Speaking on Wednesday in Yenagoa during a media training on Bayelsa elections  Osuagwu who is a lecturer from the University of Port Harcourt also added that the spouse of the male candidates should also be reported.

In her lecture titled bringing the gender perspective to bear on the reportage of Bayelsa governorship election,  she said that the female spouses of the male candidates can also set agenda for the society if they are captured stating that "Female journalist should be deliberate in their reportage.

Stating that journalists should go extra mile in making sure that the female folks are reported, she said that "Search engines can be used to get information about them when they are not reachable.

Also Taiwo Obe, founder of journalism clinic speaking on impactful reporting of elections maintained that journalists should focus on people interest issues and telling stories that matter.

He advised mainstream journalists to up their ante stating that journalists should not allow mediocre to take over their job.

 He said “As Journalists, you  should give people the information they need to make better decision. Think about the people and not about the politicians. Write to inform and educate citizens on their rights. He said.

Speaking earlier, the Executive Director of International  Press Center Lagos Lanre Arogundade,  in his welcome remarks  advised Bayelsa Journalists to brace up and give the election the adequate coverage it requires.

 He added that the essence of the workshop was to strengthen the media for fair, accurate, ethical and inclusive reporting of the electoral processes and elections proper stating that the training was supported by the European Union.

 The election he said if adequately reported will bring the gains of good governance and the desired change needed in the state.


 The workshop Arogundade said is organized to critically examine the interconnections between the public, the media and the electoral processes and to developing an agenda that seeks to strengthen the role of the media and the citizens in engendering credible electoral process.

 He said “We believe that the media has a critical agenda setting role that can enable the credibility of elections.  The media should ensure that the entire process of election is accountable by being open to public scrutiny.

 To the journalist, he advised “We believe that you will bring the required professionalism and inclusivity to bear in covering of the ongoing electoral process in the state to enable the independent National Electoral Commission conduct a free, fair and credible Bayelsa governorship elections come November 11, 2023.

“We are here to brainstorm and exchange ideas on how you can effectively play the role expected of the media in the electoral and democratic processes as universally agreed that the media should relay information to citizens required to enable them make informed judgment, monitor government and others to reduce the abuse of power, report political day to day  activities as well as covering election campaigns.

“Provide information about registration and voting. Crystalize public opinions, give a voice to interest vocal groups and provide a forum within which a public debate takes place.


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